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If you are a senior or a family member of a senior, and are trying to find a comfortable home, the choices are difficult. …..

When your older family member has begun to experience the symptoms associated with dementia, this can be as stressful for you and the rest of your family as it is for your senior citizen. You will be relieved to know that finding living arrangements appropriate for your senior’s condition is not difficult, and also that it provides more options than you may be aware of.

The loss of basic cognitive functions has the potential to create danger for the senior citizen. This can also be the case even when such ability to function is in an impaired state. As the older person’s state declines, the danger in his everyday environment increases. In addition to the very real threat of harm to the person who is losing his ability to look after himself and take sensible precautions, there is also the element of frustration– especially for the senior who is accustomed to an independent lifestyle of doing everything for himself and not needing to rely on anyone.

There is a solution. There are a number of options for assisted living which provide all of the essential benefits in the least-restrictive manner. Your loved one will have all of the help and supervision that he needs in order to be safe, secure, and comfortable– but without the full-scale supervision of a skilled nursing facility if it is not compatible with his current needs.

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As most seniors pride themselves on self-sufficiency, two options which will promote this are assisted living facilities and board-and-care homes. These styles of living arrangements will give your family member every possible opportunity to feel independent and exercise his independence, while at the same time ensuring his overall comfort and safety.

A board-and-care or an assisted living facility will provide your loved one with a home-like atmosphere. Depending on the degree of his needs, he will have help with his basic everyday grooming routines. The pleasant environment which he will share with other seniors will include the opportunity for social interaction, if he wishes, as well as healthy, tasty meals.

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Board-and-care homes and assisted living facilities both offer the option of single or shared rooms in a variety of price ranges. Whichever arrangement is best suited to your family member’s needs and personal preferences, they are quite affordable. Assisted living for dementia does not have to be unduly expensive; and you will be glad to know that affordability does not mean cutting corners. It is designed to accommodate your family member’s special needs.

Your loved one can reside in a lovely home-like setting, tailored for his comfort and safety. You will know that he is in a secure environment where attention is focused on helping him to do the most for himself while helping him with any daily tasks that are necessary. He will have the highest degree of self-suffiency, and that all-important feeling of independence, with the supervision and assistance that he needs in his everyday life.

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