What is an Assisted Living Community?

Assisted living communities are for those seniors who want an independent lifestyle but who may need assistance for their individual needs. In these communities, you should feel like your independent and have the peace of mind knowing that your specific daily needs are met. These needs include daily meals, dressing, bathing, help with medication, transportation and personal mobility.

Some of the questions I get on the phone or via email:

  • I am looking for senior assisted living for a woman 68 that has diabetes and lives on 830 per month in social security. Can you help? Thank you
    • You can move into an Assisted Living Home for $2000 plus a month
  • I’m looking for senior assisted living for a woman who is 80+ and lives only on social security. Can you help?
    • Of Course, Elder Home Finders Provides this free and amazing service to people just like you. Call 310-699-3000 and find out how valuable my service and FREE
  • What is the minimum level of assistance required to qualify for for senior benefits? You must be able to get up on your own and use the restroom on your on.

Finding the Best Assisted Living Community

  1. Know what you or your family member needs
  2. Understand the pricing and what it includes or excludes.
  3. Observe the staff and find out about their credentials and training.
  4. Understand how the community handles increased level of care needs.
  5. Investigate the opportunities for socialization and recreation.
  6. Find out about health-related activities.
  7. Assessing the facility’s environment
  8. Assessing the facility’s programs
  9. Assessing the facility’s dining
  10. Assessing the facility’s residents

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