California Assisted Living Staffing Requirements

Personnel employed by the facility must provide services necessary to meet resident needs at all times. In RCFEs caring for 16 residents or more must have staff available throughout the night. In facilities caring for those with dementia, an adequate number of direct care staff must be available to support each resident’s physical, social, emotional, safety, and health care needs. In facilities with less than 16 residents, there must be at least one night staff person on duty if any resident with dementia is living in the facility. Administrators must complete a 40-hour Certification Training Program from one of the department’s approved training vendors, and pass a written test. Administrators possessing a valid Nursing Home Administrator license are exempt from this training, but must complete 12 hours in the core areas of laws and regulations, use and misuse of medication, and resident admission, retention, and assessment procedures. Administrators in facilities with a capacity for 16 or more residents must also have certain levels of college education and experience providing care to the elderly. All staff must have verifiable work experience working with the elderly, or related experience in their job assignment. Staff assisting residents with personal daily living needs must receive at least 10 hours of training within the first four weeks of employment, and at least four hours every year thereafter. Training must be documented and kept in facility files/records. Food service and activity directors must have experience and education or training. Staff providing direct care to residents will receive training in first aid. Each RCFE will provide training in recognizing and reporting elder and dependent adult abuse. Training includes hands-on instruction in general procedures and resident-specific procedures. Staff will gain knowledge and the ability to recognize and respond to problems, and shall contact the physician, appropriately skilled professional, and/or vendor as necessary. Direct care staff assisting those with self administration of medication in must meet specified medication training requirements. In facilities licensed to provide care for 15 or fewer persons, direct care staff shall complete six hours of training, including two hours of hands-on shadowing. In facilities licensed to provide care for 16 or more residents, employees must complete 16 hours of training, including eight hours of hands-on shadowing. Direct care staff must pass an exam and complete additional training every 12-months. The training material and exam must be developed by, or in consultation with a licensed nurse, pharmacist, or physician. Facilities licensed for 16 or more residents are also required to keep documentation demonstrating that a consultant pharmacist or nurse has reviewed the facility’s medication program and procedures twice a year. Administrators must complete 40 hours of continuing education every two years The 40 hours must include eight hours in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia training. Licensed Nursing Home Administrators with are only required to complete 20 hours of continuing education. With prior course approval, 20 of the 40 hours of CE may be completed through on-line training.

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