Friday, June 3, 2011
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Health and Fitness Foot pain relief with docpods orthotic innersoles
Foot pain is largely due to mechanical wear and tear on the foot through over pronation. Docpods orthotics help limit over pronation, reduce foot pains such as heel pain, shin pain, knee pain, bunions and increase comfort.

Plastic Surgery – SoCal Our expert surgeons perform cosmetic & plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and other centers in South California.

Natural Health Information Centre Independent, unbiased natural health information that is free from hype, PR comanies and the influence of Big Pharma.

Ace Vision Health Consultants Pvt. Ltd Dedicated to assisting healthcare systems as they seek methods to support their team in improving quality, availability and efficiency of care.

Astro and Free information on astrology, vaastu, feng shui, lal kitab, Chinese astrologers, & more. Ask questions and queries about problems, health, diseases, best resources.

Body’Fit Life Offering exercise fast weight loss, health fit, alkaline PH fitness, health fitness. We’re here to help you to get the healthy total body workout. Our specialities are anti-aging PH fitness.

C2C Fitness Dedicated to enhancing health and fitness through customized personal training programs.

Enhanced Oral Chelation & Liver Support Synergistic formula with edta plus 16 other natural powerful chelators and a complete mineral replacement formula to detoxify heavy metals, promote cardiovascular health safely.

Health Air Purifiers Air purifiers and cleaners for allergy and pollution solutions; including purifiers from Austin Air, IQ Air, & Air Oasis to kill mold, bacteria, viruses, yeast and eliminates voc and odors.

Opening Doorways to Heal We are energy–life is energy. Energy can’t be destroyed, only transformed from a “negative” to a “positive”. If you are not happy with your life, your relationships, your health, I can help. Skin care your Dermatologist and salon hope you cannot find. Save and do it yourself from the manufacturer with professional high strength treatments like skin peels, vitamin C, anti-aging, acne.

Naturally Yours Skin Care Store offers brand name skin care anti-aging and make-up products.

JMS’s Vitamin World Buy quality deep discounted vitamins, including vitamin C, anti-aging products, life extension products, supreme antioxidant products, weight loss products, & more.

American Diabetes Wholesale We offer brand name diabetic supplies directly to the consumer at wholesale prices. Get 30-60% discounts on all our supplies.

Lower Blood Pressure with EECP Lowering high blood pressure with EECP is painless, safe and highly effective. Available now in Los Angeles, CA.


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