The Examination bulletin for Senior Housing Investigator

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The Examination bulletin for Senior Housing Investigator specifies that all applicants must complete and
submit a Supplemental Information Form with their regular City application. The Supplemental Information
Form describes your knowledge in various areas of investigation and analysis of alleged violations of laws
and regulations governing housing, real estate, business and landlord-tenant relations.
The Supplemental Information Form will be presented to your interview board members for their
consideration of your overall qualifications for the job of Senior Housing Investigator. The interview board

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Aging Baby Boomers Face Healthcare Shortage 

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members may discuss the information on the form with you during your interview.

In preparing your response, you should seek to demonstrate that your training and experience are the
type likely to provide the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to effectively perform the duties assigned
to a Senior Housing Investigator. Before preparing your response, read all the information requested and

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Retirement: A DIY Special Event
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consider what information you would like to present. Try to avoid repeating information.
You must limit your responses to the space and pages provided. No attachments or additional documents
submitted will be considered. Write in narrative form using complete sentences and limit your responses
to a maximum of one page per question. Do not include your name or any other identifying statements

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on your response. You must respond to each question on the supplemental application. If you do not
have relevant experience related to a question, please indicate “N/A” (Not Applicable). If you leave a
question blank, your materials will be considered incomplete, and you will not be considered a candidate
in this examination. There are no appeal rights for individuals who are not candidates in the examination

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