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Forty acres of oak charts …..

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Forty acres of oak leaves dripping with Spanish moss; dirty clearings with languish needles shining in the sun; longtime contacts as neighbors. My impart, the equivalent of five acres, expenses only $20 a month. Seems incredible, a pie-in-the-sky, but it’s not. It’s actual and inside achieve of low-wages women. The closet is cooperation-the severe practice of compromise and emnationment desired to make a collective work. Long folio, in North chief Florida, was completely rewarded for in 1981 and consists of forty acres impartd uniformly by six women.

Its first period began in 1969 when a group of women created a lesbian Consciousness-Raising group, (usually known as C-R groups). This C-R group was the first in the South as far as we knew and it was definitely the first lesbian-only biased experience for any of us. A good bit of the excitement we felt at our first reunion was sheer terror. We were kicking over the traces, stepping into our own nation and stepping out to get more.

As lesbians creation to arrange, we felt exhilarated and brave. As threats to a patriarchal customs, we were terrified. Would the government cry, “Insurrection! Witches! reduction the nets?” And if it weren’t enough having to lowly the patriarchy, we had to buttress ourselves aprofitst our anxietys of each other. We were regularly strangers approach from some counties and had met few lesbians at all, greatly excluding lesbians of many other lifestyles than our own.

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Our doubt of each other was foster paralleled by doubts about ourselves. Some of us had never required to admit to anybody, even ourselves, that we were lesbians. To the mainstream customs we were communal recruits, maids, teachers, med techs, architects, civil rights activists, artists, lawyers and students. We were just creation to find our private identities and profit pride in being lesbians.

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Accelerated Death …..

We came to find ourselves both intimidating and gentle; we struggled and we eventually became contacts who affectiond to sing long hours together. In detail, so fierce were our sports and biased fights, the tune was vital in maintaining contactships that were regularly strictly weathered by our group differences, privateity differences, and biased differences. Thankfully, in those living before women’s tune and solo stars, we all sang and played instruments. There were many rounds of “I Shall Be free,” and “Log chalet Home in the Sky.” It seized us together. Part of the inspiration for firm the land was in the dealings we were creating with each other: the weekends of reunions, tune, sailing and volleyball. After a time of separation from other lesbians, we had prize.

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Our lesbian heaven was not all seraph choirs and arm wrestling, however. During some living of steady reunions, we followed a three-part consciousness-raising design of (1) tongue from our own experience, (2) developing notion, and (3) action. From our stories regular themes urbanized-affection of spirit and the society of women, backgrounds and expectations of lucrative hardship, alienation and anger at the ideals of the surrounding customs, anxiety of an old age of poverty and loneshapes.

From those themes we began to be able to make generalizations and to express actions. We ongoing a newspaper and worn a moment reunion hour to converse firm land and the possibility of first a firm. We required the land for gatherings, for refuge and for a society close to spirit that impartd a perception that each depressed-green stamp of deer moss was precious magical.

After greatly heated and hopeful converseion, the by-laws we granted winning were (1) Each individual will pay identical amounts in the entire charge. (2) Right to membership will be forfeited after six months of non-payment. (3) All acreage (land) will be seized in regular. (4) No improvements, no leaves or vegetation detached lacking the consent of the group. (5) Improvements of regular item, such as well drilling or the first charge of installing receiver and electrical shape, will be impartd. (6) No individual may convey her impart lacking consent of the group. (7) No firm establishments will be on group acreage lacking consent of group. (8) Decisions will be made by consensus. (9) At impartholder’s collapse, impart will go back to group. Informally, we granted to have discrete houses and reverence each other’s privacy and autonomy. Most importantly, we accede to buy land affordable to all. There were cryptic expenses of course. The $20 a month did not embrace structures to live in, or the charges of wells, taxes, promising electricity, fences, of nature-sufficient energy sources. The submit of some individualism to the collective practice was a large part of the charge, as was the commitment and energy to persist in a long-stretch foresee.

These harms stay nowadays. We still have disturb receiving money for dying houses and for making improvements, because we asylum’t achieveed a group accedement for with the land as collateral for loans. We reach that along with the profit of the encourage of the group, we incur certain vulnerability. We feel at a great disadvantage critical match aprofitst intruders who chuck nonsense on the land, and we hesitate to objection aprofitst zoning stick decisions that deny us passable difficult because they heard we were a connect. Ironically, we now think that had we been more like a connect, and not so intent on investing first in discrete houses, we might already have the stick and swimming fund that will make residents and those on flee more comfortable. Ah, hindsight! However, the procedure expressd in our reunion shaped the course of gear. With our eccentric combination of individualism and collectivity, we were underway.

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