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According to an article on, more and more seniors are choosing to pull up stakes, traveling the country and living out of their RV’s. The reasons that people become fulltimers (the common term for those who live year-round in their RV’s) are as diverse as the people who choose the lifestyle. For some, changes in retirement income options, children and grandchildren who live far away, and the need for mental and physical stimulation are the reasons fulltimers choose this nomadic way of life.

Besides having an fierce independent streak, fulltimers are also a creative and ingenious bunch, managing to find ways to create income to support themselves on the road. One way is by “work-camping” and property management – the former being an exchange of duties for services at an RV park or campground on a short term basis; the latter is the same as work-camping, but you receive monetary pay as well as services on a long term basis.
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There is a universe of activities for senior citizens nowadays. From golfing to RVing (see my previous blog …..

Others take seasonal work for pay or services in such fields as agriculture or construction. Or they take temporary jobs at tourist spots like casinos and theme/amusement parks, which welcome fulltimers and generally pay a decent wage. Some go through national chain temp agencies, who can easily access and update your job history, to find work. If you have any experience with tax preparation you can contact national tax preparation chains to schedule days and locations for work while you’re on the long and winding road.

A wonderful element of the RV lifestyle is the RV Clubs in every state in the nation that allow other fulltimers to network and make friends. Some clubs are based on RV makes (Winnebago), nation-wide affiliations (Good Sam) or specialties (handicapped people, military veterans, etc.). These clubs are a wellspring of information on such things as travel information, tips on buying and using an RV, the best places to visit, job opportunities and the personal experiences and observations of other RV’ers.
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With our internet-connected world, it is easy for a fulltimer to stay hooked up with the rest of the world. With a computer and internet access, you can stay in touch and even run your own internet based business from the road. Cell phones, PDA’s, satellite radio, and many other fun gadgets allow the fulltimer to stay connected while enjoying the freedom and adventure of retirement on the road. Or just turn off all the gadgets, and go where the road takes you.

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