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There is a universe of activities for senior citizens nowadays. From golfing to RVing (see my previous blog on that activity), country line dancing to betting it all at the Blackjack tables in Vegas (my grandfather’s favorite pasttime), there is no shortage of ways for active seniors to spend their time. According to an article at, you can now add blogging to that list.

As the article notes, a study conducted as part of the Pew Internet and American Life Project noted that an estimated 26% of seniors regularly go online, doing things like simple browsing, participating in online auctions, shopping and paying their bills electronically. Now, blogging is serving as a new outlet for their creativity.

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The ways seniors have discovered blogging are many. Some take adult-education courses on the basics of setting up and maintaining a blog. Others learn the ropes from books like “Blogging In A Snap” or “Blogging For Dummies.” Still others just take the bull by the horns and set up their blog on a free web-log hosting site like

However they get into it, blogging has many benefits for a senior citizen. Learning a new skill helps keep a senior’s mind active and occupied. The time spent creating and maintaining a blog is a nice change of pace from the usual hobbies or recreational activities available to seniors. A blog can serve a means for a senior to keep connected with distant family members. Using a blog to share knowledge and information makes a senior feel valued and needed. Finally, and most importantly, blogs can help seniors connect with others around the country or the world who share similar interests, which in turn helps combat those feelings of loneliness and isolation common to older people.

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So, maybe I should try convincing my grandfather to start a blog on how to play Blackjack. It would be nice to see him yelling “YOU NEVER STAND ON A SOFT 17? at somebody besides me for a change.

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