Senior Services for Your Home

There are also senior services for residents of their own home, whether it is a home in an independent living community, a continuing care facility, or simply a privately owned home that is requesting caretaker assistance. In these cases, workers drive out to the selected location and provide living assistance to someone who can live alone, but still needs special help with meals, grooming or other situations. In these cases, the resident may be able to afford these senior services on his own, or it may be paid for by the adult children. Every good son or daughter wants to provide a happy home for their aging parent but may be limited in time and ability. Hiring traveling senior services to take care of the resident in his own home is a nice compromise if you can afford it and if the resident can comfortably live alone for longer periods of time. What are some senior services that can help? There are services that concentrate solely on meals and deliver food to homebound adults over a certain age who have a hard time with food preparation. These meals are nutritious and can be custom designed for special diets. Volunteers deliver the meals to the front door and can provide up to two meals a day, seven days a week. These services help the resident to maintain a feeling of independence. There are also friendship centers for socializing, assistance programs for personal care (bathing, grooming, etc) private nursing, homemaking and laundry care, and respite care. There are also organizations set up to handle problems with electricity and to help residents with transportation needs. 

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