Types of Retirement Homes

Independent Living retirement homes offer the least bit of individual attention but a very safe and comfortable atmosphere for seniors. Due to the Fair Housing Act Of 1988, independent retirement homes (whether housing neighborhoods or apartments) can cater to senior citizens only, thus providing a comfortable and safe environment. These types of retirement homes are for retirees who are still capable of living by themselves, but would appreciate socializing with their peers and enjoy recreational activities such as gyms, swimming pools or spas in some locations. Assisted Living retirement homes offer some individual attention, but still allow the resident to keep his or her independence as much as possible. Staff members of this type of facility may help with meals, housekeeping and laundry, or if necessary, with bathing, dressing, grooming, eating or transportation. Staff members are not always available as residents may not need constant attention. Similarly, Board and Care retirement homes provide a comfortable setting to residents who cannot live alone but do not require constant care. Board and Care homes are actual houses and not dormitories, and offer a more personal atmosphere than a larger facility. Rooms may be private or shared. Nursing homes have constant care available for residents who require special attention. Nurses on hand are registered and services provided are at the highest level. Special attention to planning activities is necessary in these cases, since residents may be dependent or disabled, but still crave activity and excitement. There are also Alzheimer’s facilities, which are nursing homes that specialize in treating residents who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Nursing Care or Assisted Living care may be provided as well as physical and or mental activities to keep residents safe and happy. Continuing Care facilities are long-term retirement homes that offer increasing levels of assistance as determined by the changing needs of the patient.

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