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coronavirus hits senior living news

COVID-19, the viral disease also known as the “novel coronavirus,” is spreading around the globe. Senior living providers, including Brookdale (NYSE: BKD) and Affinity Living Group (ALG), are preparing for a possible worst-case scenario. While both Brookdale and Affinity are large companies, small providers could face even more dire consequences if the virus infiltrates their […]

Senior Living: What the 2020s have in store for aging boomers

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What lies ahead in the 2020s, as society copes with this unprecedented demographic shift? I asked a dozen experts to identify important trends. Some responses were aspirational, reflecting what they’d like to see happen. Some were sobering, reflecting a harsh reality: Our nation isn’t prepared for this vast demographic shift and its far-reaching consequences. Here’s […]

Washington D.C. created the First Affordable Assisted Living Facility.

Assisted Living Seniors get a break on costs thanks to our government chipping and creating the first affordable Assisted Living Facility for seniors. Full article here: Construction has begun on a new assisted-living facility for low-income seniors, the first such development in Ward 8. Slated to open in early 2021, Livingston Place at Southern is a […]