One of the most strenuous tasks we face as humans living in a society is how we take care of our beloved elders. There comes a point when a senior can no longer live on their own so, as members of their families, we must take some difficult decisions regarding how we handle the situation. On one hand, it is emotionally draining to see someone you love not being able to take care of themselves when they used to be the one taking utmost care of you and on the other hand, there is only so much you can do to take care of a senior in your family until it becomes overbearing and inhibits your ability to live a normal life.

There is always a middle ground for such situations which makes sense for both the senior and caregiver to develop a plan for senior care. This senior care depends on the abilities of the senior which can be measured through charting activities of daily living (ADL). It includes bathing, dressing, continence, feeding, toileting, and transferring. If a senior cannot carry out even three of these activities, he/she needs special care.

Signs Showing It May Be Time For Assisted Living

There are some general warning signs and hints that it may be time for assisted living. It includes worsening medical conditions as people aged 50 and older have at least one chronic disease, and monetary issues as many seniors have less of an ability to keep up with their financial responsibilities.

Another serious issue is senior isolation. According to US census, more than 11 million seniors live alone which can affect their overall health. Some of the health issues associated with isolation are depression, addiction, and mortality. Poor hygiene and messy surroundings are other signs that a senior might need and assisted living facility in Los Angeles.

Types of Senior Care

The senior population is taking a greater part of the world. Luckily, senior-care is a wide-ranging industry. There are various options to make sure that your loved ones are in the best hands. Let’s have a look at various options of care for seniors.

Nursing Homes

These feature round-the clock assistance for patients who need highly attentive, long-term care. Nursing homes require that a registered nurse is present at all times to take proper care of the patients.

Assisted Living Care

It is quite similar to a nursing home but here patients do not need as intrusive care as patients in nursing homes need. An average patient stays in assisted living for about three years. Seniors who live in assisted living care can do many activities on their own but not enough to live alone anymore.

Home Health Care

It is one of the most popular forms of senior care as it provides comfort to seniors in a place that they are familiar with. Patients who receive such care have a wide range of care from once or twice a week, to 24 hours a day.

Independent Living Communities

These are also known as retirement homes and villages. Residents of independent living communities do not need much medical help. Such communities are helpful for people who are isolated. Retirement homes have social and entertainment activities like golf, tennis, gym, and performing arts which keeps the seniors busy.

Assisted living has become essential and provides long term care, personal care services, and healthcare options in a comfortable housing environment. The cost for assisted living facilities in Los Angeles is about $4000 a month which does not get covered by honest trust Medicare. If you need any assistance or have queries, you can contact ElderHomeFinders. They provide assisted living in Los Angeles.