Assisted Living

Before we start our topic, you should know what is assisted living? Assisted living refers to housing facilities for older adults that cannot or choose not to live independently or have disabilities. The residence environment is similar to nursing homes in a sense as a group of people caters to the needs of older adults. Assisted living is common in the U.S., especially in Los Angles.  These assisted living homes can be owned by the government, N.G.O.’s, and LLC’s.


Top Assisted Living Questions Explained


Assisted living care homes provide supervision in day to day activities, healthcare, and well-being of the residents. Assisted living facilities sometimes provide medication supervision and personal care services. There is no nationality eligibility requirement for assisted living in the U.S.A. The State Government controls and legislates these institutes. They provide meals, dressing, and daily routine activities to the residents

Independent living isn’t defined in some of the U.S. states, but it has become a marketing term for many senior communities and N.G.O.’s. The national median monthly rate for assisted living was 3,500,000 U.S. dollars in the U.S.A. After 2014 it increased by up to 4.29%.

How much does it cost to live in assisted living?

Assisted living cost varies for every state in America; however, many people prefer Los Angles to be an excellent place for assisted living. Assisted living can be a lot costly in 2019 as it ranges from 2000 USD to 8000 USD per month. This can be an excellent compromise between living independently at home or nursing place. It is estimated that the average cost for assisted living in Los Angles can be 4000 dollars per month. Although it can be 50,000 dollars of expense if taken yearly. A lot of people may be surprised to know that over 800,000 senior citizens are living in the U.S. in assisted living.

There about 2972 registered assisted living facilities in Los Angles. These communities include the licensed and non-licensed cities also. You can keep in mind that a single room in L.A. costs 4500$ per month. Compared to other states, assisted living costs in L.A. is 800$ more. The minimum range can cost from 1500$ to more than 15,325$.

The individuals usually prefer assisted living facilities in Los Angles with better ambiance and luxury. The payment method varies from state to state, and the state government controls the licensure system and margin.

Who qualifies for Assisted Living?

The question now arises, is how someone can get into an assisted living facility in Los Angles? We will first tell you what qualifies as an assisted living facility. An assisted living facility provides Medicare and personal care in an excellent housing environment. An assisted living resident is eligible for assisted living if he needs help in a single activity for daily life. The first obstacle standing in your way is money.

If you have enough money and income support, you can quickly get into this place. Some of the many questions asked by the assisted living agent are, does your insurance cover helped living facility charges in Los Angles? Do you have a house that you can sell to get into this place? Can your children pay for your stay? Do you want to make your visit indefinite? Do you suffer from any disease? Etc. During most of the cases, the individual fails to answer the question, so their children answer for them. These individuals are recommended for level 3 or above care.

Does Medicare cover Assisted living?

Frankly No, Medicare does not cover assisted living. Many people that are looking for an assisted living try for Medicare to cover this expense, but it doesn’t. However, Medicare can cover for a home health care worker or skilled nursing facility. Hence, sorry you are going to need a lot of money to cover these expenditures. Medicare, however, can cover for skilled nursing residents and partially cover continued care retirement communities CCRC’s.

How do you pay for Assisted living?

As you’ve come to understand by now that assisted living is not cheap. The most common way for paying assisted living is selling your house, use your retirement savings, or ultimately have your kids pay it for you. Using your Income or saving is the simplest way, but 2000$ to 4000$ can seem a bit tiring to collect for retirees in the current economic climate.

What are the different levels of Assisted living?

There are different levels of independent residents in various states of America. They are following these rules and thus divided the levels of their care. Most of them follow three typical standards. They are as follows:

  • Level one: The Level one care is for those senior citizens who require little or occasional supervision. This level of care offers senior citizens the freedom to live their days as they want. There is a trained staff, which helps in accommodating them but only as they see fit.
  • Level two: Level two or intermediate level of care involves supervision in only some daily activities. The individual may be able to feed oneself but requires help with other stuff, such as needing help to change clothes. Assistance with medication may also be provided if asked.
  • Level Three: These are more planned activities, managed medicine, and more healthcare staff at the facility 24 hours a day. Level Three care is for those individuals that require comprehensive and daily assistance in day to day activities. The paramedical staff helps the individual take his daily medication or assists him or her in making it. The assisted living staff monitors the medicines. The team also follows the daily routines of the individual 24/7, just in case an emergency should take place.

Note: If an individual should need more than Level Three care, the benefactor of the individual might need a specific deed from the Government or any other related institute, if he is to be admitted in a Level 3 above facility. CCRC’s are preferred in case of such instances.

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