Los Angeles California has the highest cost of living than any other city in the United States. The #1 question we get about finding an Assisted Living Facility in Los Angeles is cost. If I have low income can I qualify for assisted living homes in Los Angeles.

How Much is assisted living in Los Angeles?

The cost of assisted living in Los Angeles generally ranges from around $1,013 per month all the way up to $8,500 per month depending on what your Mom or Dad needs. We have prepared a list of items to have handy before calling Bobbie:

  1. Make sure to have your financial information ready.
  2. Get all phone numbers, bank account information ready
  3. If your Mom or Dad owns a home, then how much equity is in the home right now?
  4. What type of insurances do you have right now for Mom or Dad?
  5. How much credit card debt does Mom or Dad and then both of them have.

Gather this information and Call Bobbie at 310-699-3000

What is the average cost of assisted living in California?

The average cost for assisted living in California depends on what city you choose to have your Mom or Dad live in. Near the beach like Santa Monica can be very costly. Inland near Riverside where the cost of living is lower than the beach cities, then of course less. Out of the 100’s of assisted living facilities in Calfornia that Bobbie as access we still have to access a few questions to get you to an average cost. Here are a few specific questions that ElderHomeFinders needs to know before answering this question.

  1. How mobile is Mom or Dad?
  2. How is Mom or Dad’s health.
  3. How is Mom or Dad’s memory”
  4. Do we have daily prescribed medication that has to be taken?
  5. Are there any special dietary concerns that Mom or Dad has?

Once we can finish answering these questions then we can seriously talk about placement. Bobbie handles each call with care and love, so give her a call even if you do not have all of the answers ready.

Assisted living in Los Angeles costs an average of $4,500 a month, which is the same as the median cost for California as a whole. Nearby, Riverside averages $1,000 less a month, while more rural areas such as Bakersfield can be even cheaper, coming in at only $3,150 a month.

Other major cities in the state average between $4,500 and $5,500 a month – San Francisco and San Jose are both on the high end, while Sacramento and San Diego are similar to Los Angeles in monthly average costs.

SeniorAdvice has the following to say about the cost of assisted living in Los Angeles:

We found 134 results for assisted living in Los Angeles, California. Assisted living costs in California range from around $33 to $300 per day, with an average expense running about $125. The monthly cost averages roughly $3,750 and ranges between $987 and $9,000. On a yearly basis, the mean cost is about $45,000, which is over the nationwide average of $42,000.