Elderhomefinders, is a Leading provider of senior living services, offering unsurpassed assistance to families looking for a suitable place that provides the best quality of life for aging adults

Elderhomefinders had become one of the most sought-after providers of assisted living solutions, offering a platform that provides families with the most suitable options that meet their needs. Cost-free referral service with extensive database allows families to avoid spending a lot of time and resources required to find and visit available facilities.

Based on the family’s individual needs, Elderhomefinders will match a perspective client with multiple senior living options, including assisted living facilities, board and care, skilled nursing facility (SNF), convalescent hospitals, and retirement communities.

Finding a place for your parents can be pretty challenging. You want to find a place where your mom or dad can feel at home, and receive the best care possible. Your parents took care of you while you were growing up, and now is time you feel that you want to take care of them, and secure the most trusted place where they can feel comfortable living and thriving.

US Senior Housing Statistics showing that by 2050 it’s been estimated that a fifth of US population will be 65 years old in contrast with 15.6 percent today. With rapidly aging population, it is critical that we start planning the housing and care for senior population in the future.  In 2017, National Senior Campuses reported over nineteen thousand senior living units across the United States. Aside from housing, personal and medical care for seniors is another pressing issue, with large potential for growth in the coming years. Among the population of aging adults in the US, approximately 7% require personal care from other persons, frequently in form pf personal care, transportation, meal preparation, and grooming. Due to an urgent demand for senior housing, several senior housing organizations established senior living communities across the country.

In 2018 about 42% of senior housing communities in US were majorly nursing care, while 36% were assisted living. In the private sector the cost of living may be excessive, but it is important to consider that in many cases it includes round the clock care and access to skilled medical staff.

Most Americans are not excited at the prospect of leaving their comfortable and familiar home surroundings, and moving to a senior living facility once they reach certain age. A recent US survey suggests that 70% of aging adults would prefer to stay in their current city rather then moving elsewhere.

Our society is on the edge of dealing with unprecedented amount of aging Baby Boomers population, who will need elder care.  United States home care market may expand from $100 billion in 2016 to $225 billion by 2024, propelled by ever growing elder population. An urgent demand for home health aides and physicians, as well as assisted senior living are all due a prevalence of growing senior population. The baby boomer generation is undoubtedly in control, and as a result a senior and assisted living industry has to adapt to a generation that will not settle for anything less than the best.

California is facing escalating retirement crisis due to rising senior population expected to grow by two thirds in the next twenty years. California seniors face high cost living and low workplace access to pension and 401 (k).  The fastest growing group of seniors are age 80 and older, and women make up a majority of seniors. By 2035, the seniors population in California, age 60 and older will have increased 64%, up to 12 million, compare from 7.3 million in 2015.

Elderhomefinders prides themselves in helping to address the deficit of assisted living facilities.


Questions to ask for an assisted living community

Many families today are puzzled with questions about selecting a suitable living situation for their aging loved ones.  The team at Elderhomefinders can help you handle some of the basic topics, such as:

  • What is best for my parents?
  • What environment would be befitting to support their health and wellness?
  • Where would they feel happy and comfortable?
  • Is there a medical personnel on staff?
  • Is the staff trained to address Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Diabetes?
  • How many professionals assigned to each resident?
  • Is the staff allowed to administer medications?
  • Is there a security and safety protocols in place?
  • What is the monthly cost?
  • Is there available transportation for doctor’s appointments?
  • Is there activity coordinator on staff?
  • Is there a 24/7 care available?
  • Are there additional services available due to a change in care or personal needs?
  • Is there hospice and end of life care?

Benefits of the Assisted Living

There are multiple benefits of assisted living and the services they provide for your loved ones. In our effort to find the most significant key benefits of assisted living we had come up with some of the most common points:

  1. Peace of mind and safety. Knowing that your precious parents or loved ones are in a safe and caring place takes away all the worries associated with potential falling, taking the wrong medications, getting lost, not eating properly,  being taken advantage of, and receiving prompt medical care in case of emergency.
  2. Decreased stress and concerns. Assisted living may significantly improve general mood and quality of life.  Depending on the level of care and setting, your loved ones may still enjoy some independency while receiving the support they require.
  3. Increased activities.  For many aging adults the life slows down as they get older. However, it is vital to keep seniors active to ensure a healthy and active life style. Most assisted living facilities offer a variety of physical activities during the day, including outdoor trips, arts and cultural events, exercising classes, and games. Many assisted living facilities offer transportation to their residents to visit stores, doctor offices, movies and theaters.
  4. Support and assistance with daily activities.  For seniors who are more independent and viable, an assisted living facility may provide services on the need basis. Some of the most common assistance provided by assisted living professionals are bathing, dressing, eating, while allowing the residents enjoy their independence.
  5. Nutrition and wellness.  Healthy meals and proper nutrition are vital for aging adults to maintain and support their welfare and health. Kitchen personnel will prepare a variety of foods that are favorable, but also meet resident’s personal dietary needs and tastes.
  6. Companionships and social life.  Many aging adults tend to be more isolated due to their slowed life style, limited movement, health issues, mental care conditions, and the decreased desire to socialize. Losing their spouses and changes in social dynamic may often lead to depression, poor health, and physical impediments. Assisted living facilities created senior living communities that provide support, motivation, healthy living, companionship and fellowship with same age individuals.


Unfortunately, accessing quality assisted living facilities have become relatively more difficult, with a steady decline in the number of facilities and many of the available ones charging exorbitant fees. The case is not different in Los Angeles, and this is where Ms.  Trifon and her team at Elderhomefinders have been able to make a difference in the last three decades.

Ms. Trifon based her knowledge of the Los Angeles California Assisted living market and the relationships she has built over the years with over 500 Assisted Living Facilities.  The main goal is to place individuals in facilities that suit their needs, fit their budget, and provide outmost care.

The categories of services offered by ElderHomeFinders include Assisted Living, Independent Living, Board and Care, Alzheimer’s care homes, Luxury Assisted Living, and Dementia care.

Over the years, Ms. Trifon has placed more than 1500 people in some of the best facilities in Los Angeles, California, providing one-on-one personal and direct care to families looking to help seniors make comfortable arrangements for the duration of their stay.  ElderHomeFinders offers a customized list of facilities evaluated based on quality and level of care, atmosphere, cleanliness, staffing, and feedback from residents.

The Cost of Senior Living in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, senior care is relatively affordable compared to other major cities in California. According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey, the average monthly cost of nursing home care is especially affordable, having one of the lowest averages in the state.

Los Angeles Assisted Living Costs

Assisted living in Los Angeles costs an average of $4,500 a month, which is the same as the median cost for California as a whole. Nearby, Riverside averages $1,000 less a month, while more rural areas such as Bakersfield can be even cheaper, coming in at only $3,150 a month.

Other major cities in the state average between $4,500 and $5,500 a month – San Francisco and San Jose are both on the high end, while Sacramento and San Diego are similar to Los Angeles in monthly average costs.

Los Angeles Home Care Costs

The cost of home care in Los Angeles averages $4,767 a month, assuming 44 hours of care per week at an average cost per hour of $25. That’s about $200 cheaper than the state average of $4,957.

Compared to other major cities in the state, Los Angeles is relatively affordable for home care – San Francisco and San Jose average about $1,000 more a month, while Sacramento and San Diego are similar Los Angeles. Some of the least expensive average costs for home care in the state are in Bakersfield at $4,385 a month.

Los Angeles Adult Day Care Costs 

Adult day health care costs an average of $1,565 a month, which is about $100 cheaper than the state average of $1,679. This is the least expensive monthly average among the larger cities in the state. San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose all average between $1,733 and $1,993 a month.

Los Angeles Nursing Home Costs

The cost of nursing home care in Los Angeles is relatively inexpensive when compared with the rest of the state. At $7,604 a month for a semi-private room, it’s cheaper than the state average of $8,365, and those of the other major cities in the state, which range from about $8,500 to $9,150 a month.

Financial Assistance Programs in Los Angeles

Medi-Cal for Seniors

The Medi-Cal program for seniors helps to cover the cost of senior care for eligible older adults. Various home care services and nursing home care is directly covered. Medi-Cal is an entitlement program, so everyone who meets the requirements will be able to receive needed services. However, some of the waiver programs listed below are not an entitlement, so participant caps and waiting lists may be a barrier for some seniors to receive payment assistance.


Ms. Trifon’s passion for finding elderly homes for others came from her own challenges finding an appropriate place for her mom. She had spent immense amount of time traveling to various facilities and speaking to different sources to make sure her mom can find a forever home. It’s not being picky trying to find the most trusted and genuine place for your parents. The place where you could leave them and feel at peace that someone will look after them in the same way you would.  It’s simply love!  Once she found a place for her mom, her worries subsided, and her mom seemed happy settling in to most comfortable and safe existence.  At that moment, Ms. Trifon decided that she wants to be the guiding hand for others who are struggling to place their parents, and bring just as much joy and happiness the journey gave her.  She spent the next twenty years building her services and making the difference in people’s lives. She finds helping people to be rewarding and gratifying.

Ms. Bobbie Trifon and the ElderHomeFinders team have become increasingly popular in and around Los Angeles, with accolades coming from different families. “Bobbie listened to our needs and had the sensitivity to really hear what was appropriate for our Mom and Dad. They are doing very well in the Board and Care facility that they are living in. It could have only happened with you Bobbie, you showed so much compassion and understanding with what we were going through. Thank you, thank you again and again,” said Dorothy and James H.

For more information about ElderHomeFinders and the senior living solutions offered by Bobbie and his team, please visit – https://elderhomefinders.com/assisted-living.