Senior housing in Los Angeles is a major issue among consumers because most people desire the very best housing facilities for their loved ones. The aging process is certainly a difficult one; some once strong adults may lose their vitality and possibly become infirm. But it can also be a time to demonstrate love and concern to an aging parent — the least a good son or daughter can do for a hardworking parent that always provided for the family. However, providing the best environment for an aging adult may not necessarily be as a sole caretaker. Due to financial obligations, many adult children simply cannot devote all of their time to personally overseeing the welfare of a senior relative. Even if someone could make time for such a task, they might be under constant stress and limited time, and possibly end up doing more harm than good. Senior housing provides an excellent compromise between quality and quantity.

Senior Housing Services In Los Angeles
Senior Housing Services In Los Angeles

What Senior Housing Does

The term senior housing may encompass many types of senior housing facilities. These differ according to the needs of the person. The parent may be fairly independent and desire to have a comfortable social community, or due to some complications, he or she may require constant attention. Consider six major categories of housing and decide which sounds right in your case:

Assisted Living: Assisted living provides individuals with a combination of daily living assistance as well as the services of an independent retirement community. Depending on the needs of the person, daily activities may include assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, eating or special transportation. Medical care is not provided on site, as this living arrangement favors independence and seniors who require the minimal amount of assistance but would still desire to have a helping hand. The price of assisted living is based on the number of services provided and could be affordable to expensive, depending on accommodations and the level of privacy.

Board And Care: This type of senior housing uses a single family house and provides a comfortable setting with caregivers present at all times and with many services available. Board and care facilities offer homemade meals and social activities for seniors who cannot live alone but also do not require constant nursing care. Because of the homelier surroundings, a board and care facility may be more personal than an assisted living facility. The budget is determined by the quality of the house, as well the selection of private or shared rooms.

Nursing Home: Like the name implies, a nursing home has constant nursing services available for residents who require special attention. Some of these residents will have physical or emotional conditions and would appreciate help in the areas of cleaning, housekeeping, social activity and rehabilitation. Registered nurses make up the staff of such a facility (along with registered nurse’s aides) and in a quality establishment, the service provided is at its highest level. Prices can be steep, though Medicare plans are available in some instances.

Alzheimer’s Facilities: Alzheimer’s facilities provided basic senior housing assistance, and may resemble a nursing home or an assisted living facility in service and design, however special attention is paid to residents who are living with symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, a very advanced stage of dementia. Nursing care or residential care may be provided, as well as many safe and sound social activities for keeping its residents happy.

Independent Living: Independent living are for senior residents and the facilities may be houses or apartments, located near each other for a large community of support. This is ideal for seniors who do not require supervision or consistent daily assistance, but who simply want to feel secure and happy in a senior community. Not only is there added security in these living quarters, there are often times recreational activities available to residents. There is also a distinction with the type of housing called “Continuing Care Communities” which offer various levels of independent or nursing assistance, as well as long-term plans that provide for a resident according to the changes that happen as the years pass by.

Other Meanings Of Senior Housing

Senior housing may specifically refer to a house, as opposed to an apartment or nursing facility, and it would be a place of residence that caters to individuals over the age of 55-65 or the permanently disabled. Usually a senior house operates as an independent living community, with no nursing staff or constant care to speak of, but merely a community of older residents. Either an adult child or an independently living retiree may inquire about senior housing, and depending on the community and financial situation, could lease or buy the property.

In 1988 The Fair Housing Act was passed, which prohibits discrimination for government housing on the basis of race, nationality, religious, sex, disability, family status or age. However, US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) also made a provision for elderly persons, stating that these citizens were exempt from various family status requirements and that senior housing properties could legally exclude families with children and thus become a senior community. This form of low income senior housing sponsored by HUD is another option to consider but usually requires a lengthy waiting period. However, the golden age of retirement – a period that should be marked by peace and relaxation – should not be tainted with long stressful worries and waiting lists.

Are the best things in life worth paying for? While money buys many things today, sometimes the best things in life are available at a price you can afford. In fact, Elder Home Finders charges no fee to the consumer for locating a senior housing facility that’s right for you. The service takes into account all of the most important aspects of finding a senior facility – the budget, the type of care needed and other special residential requirements. With our help you can find the best reviewed facilities in the Los Angeles area in all types of senior care, from independent retiree housing to full time nursing homes. Sometimes the best things in life are free! So take advantage of our service and provide for your loved ones the best living conditions you can find.

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